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Fancy a drink?

Pennyblacks, Birmingham is the ideal bar for a night out, with our extensive range of cocktails, wines, spirits, beers and much more. We have all the classic cocktails from pornstar martini to long island iced tea, and our amazing premium cocktails including our salted caramel espresso martini and strawberry jam bramble. Designated driver? Good on you, we have soft drinks and mocktails just for you! Visit our cocktail venue now. 

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cocktail on a bar


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Pornstar Martini • 9.00

Vodka, Passoa, lime juice, pineapple juice, Prosecco

Espresso Martini • 9.00

Vodka, coffee liqueur, fresh coffee, simple syrup

Pimm’s Cup • 9.00

Pimm's, strawberries, cucumber, lemonade, mint

Superfruit Mojito • 9.00

White rum, blueberries, raspberries, fresh limes, pomegranate juice

Long Island Ice Tea • 9.00

Vodka, triple sec, white rum, tequila, gin, lemon juice, coke

Mai Tai • 9.00

White rum, dark rum, orange liqueur, orgeat, lime juice

Strawberry Daiquiri • 9.00

White rum, simple syrup, lime juice, strawberry puree

Gin Garden Martini • 9.00

Gin, elderflower liqueur, cucumber, apple juice

The Fix • 9.00

Gin, orange liqueur, fresh lemon juice, fresh lime juice, pineapple juice

Mojito • 9.00

White rum, mint leaves, fresh limes, brown sugar, soda water

Cosmopolitan • 9.00

Vodka, orange liqueur, fresh lime juice, cranberry juice

Bramble • 9.00

Gin, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, crème de cassis

French Martini • 9.00

Vodka, Chambord, pineapple juice

Dark & Stormy • 9.00

Dark rum, fresh lime wedges, ginger beer

Margarita • 9.00

Tequila, orange liqueur, fresh lime juice, salt rim (optional)

Manhattan • 9.00

Whiskey, Campari, sweet vermouth

Disaronno/whiskey sours • 9.00

Disaronno or whiskey, fresh lemon juice, egg white, simple syrup

Old Fashioned • 9.00

Bourbon, brown sugar, bitters, water

Drinks Menu: List

House Favourites

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Spiced Pear Mojito • 9.00

Spiced rum, Xante pear Liqueur,
fresh mint muddled with sugar and lime,
topped with ginger beer

I Love Lucy • 8.50

Fresh passion fruit blended with Absolut
Mango vodka, Bols Yoghurt and passion fruit liqueur

Ojai Orange • 8.50

Absolut mandarin vodka and Havana
Especial rum blitzed with orange sorbet

Party in the USA • 9.00

Berry gin shaken with fresh wild berries and strawberry liqueur, topped with soda

Rhubarb & Lychee Cooler • 8.50

A long refreshing treat made with Absolut Rhubarb vodka, lychee liqueur, fresh citrus and sugar

Raspberry Fields • 8.00

Cucumber is muddled with fresh raspberries and elderflower cordial then shaken with Beefeater gin and raspberry liqueur and topped with apple juice

Wolf of Wall Street • 9.50

American bourbon stirred slowly
with bitters and sugar

Bramble • 9.00

Gin, Citrus, Blackberry.
A legendary British classic cocktail simply made by churning Beefeater gin, Chambord liqueur and citrus for the perfect balanced, delicious cocktail

Martini Suzette • 8.75

Blood orange gin stirred slowly with vanilla syrup, Aperol, bitters and a touch of vanilla vodka

Go Man’go • 8.50

Absolut Mango vodka is mixed with
pineapple liqueur, lime, mango puree and
pineapple juice served over ice

Jam Jar Daiquiri • 10.00

Strawberry, Rum, Citrus.
Our strawberry jam jar daiquiri has graced our menu for over a decade and shows no sign of coming off any time soon! Bacardi, strawberry jam, cranberry & strawberry liqueur make a dream come true

Wild Berry Sour • 8.50

Berry gin shaken with blackberry liqueur,
elderflower, lemon juice & egg white

Breakfast @ Tiffany’s • 9.00

Beefeater blood orange shaken with
Cointreau, fresh lemon juice and egg white, topped with prosecco

Roxanne • 13.00

Vodka, Sexy, Frizzy.
Put on the red light for our seductive
serve! Vestal raspberry & blackcurrant
vodka, raspberry liqueur, citrus & soda.
You’re sure to fall in love at first sight!

Purple Rain • 8.75

A hurricane of absolut citron shaken
with blue curacao and a shower of grenadine

Pink Passion • 9.00

Pink gin shaken with passion fruit liqueur,
strawberry and passionfruit puree

Don’t Call Me Shirley • 5.00

(+£4 Vestal Raspberry & Blackcurrant Vodka) This classic has flown all the way from the Hollywood Hills to our temple of iniquity. A delicious blend of grenadine,
ginger and citrus. To make it serious,
add a spike of vodka. But just don’t call me Shirley

Island Sling • 8.50

Pear liqueur, white rum and pineapple juice shaken with passionfruit syrup and fresh lime juice

Old Fashioned • 9.00

Bourbon, Boozy, Orange.
Old dogs mixed up some new tricks! Four
Roses Bourbon & demerara sugar blends
perfectly with a mixture of classic orange
Angostura bitters

Beekeeper • 12.00

Amaretto, Smoke, Citrus.
Don’t burst my bubble! Unless it’s
a Laphroaig Islay whisky scented bubble
topping our wonderful cocktail,
a mixture of Luxardo amaretto, Makers
Mark bourbon, citrus, honey and Laphroaig

Raisin D’etre • 9.00

Rum, Raisin, Chocolate.
You’ll certainly discover your reason for
living after a sio of El Dorado 12 year Rum. Rich Pedro Ximanez sherry & Angostura chocolate bitters. Your purpose has been discovered

Smoked Collins • 5.00

Citrus, Tonic, Smoky.
Beebolin Woodruff tonic is lightly smoked
with hickory, sweetened with sugar and
sharpened with lemon. Punched it into
overdrive with a spike of overproof gin

Drinks Menu: List

Premium Cocktails

Drinks Menu: Image

Salted Caramel Espresso Martini • 9.50

Salted caramel vodka, kahlua, fresh coffee, cocoa powder

Apple & Ginger Mojito • 9.50

White rum, mint, fresh limes, brown sugar, cloudy apple juice, ginger beer

Tommy’s Margarita • 9.50

Patron silver tequila and agave syrup in a salt rim glass

Roselita • 9.50

Dark rum, hibiscus liqueur, pear liqueur, orgeat, lime juice, bitters, soda water

Strawberry Jam Bramble • 9.50

Strawberry and black pepper gin, lemon juice, strawberry jam, simple syrup

Aero Chocolate • 9.50

Baileys, chocolate liqueur, crème de menthe

Ferrero Rocher • 9.50

Dead Mans Finger hazelnut rum, espresso, kahlua, Nutella

Drinks Menu: List
champagne cocktails

Champagne and Prosecco Cocktails

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French 75 • 11.00

Champagne, gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup

Kir Royale • 11.00

Champagne, crème de cassis, raspberries

Champagne Cocktail • 11.00

Champagne, brandy, brown sugar, bitters

Mango Fizz • 11.00

Champagne, mango puree

Champagne Mojito • 11.00

Champagne, white rum, lime juice, mint leaves, bitters

Forager’s Fizz • 11.00

Prosecco, slow gin, blackberry

Elderflower Fizz • 11.00

Champagne, elderflower liqueur

Bellini • 9.00

Prosecco, peach puree

Rossini • 9.00

Prosecco, strawberry puree

Pirlo • 9.00

Prosecco, Campari, soda, orange slice

English Garden • 9.00

Prosecco, gin, elderflower liqueur, cucumber

Forager’s Fizz • 9.00

Prosecco, sloe gin, blackberry

Prosecco Royal • 9.00

Prosecco, crème de cassis, raspberries

Bakewell Fizz • 9.00

Prosecco, Disaronno, cherries

Drinks Menu: List

Gin Cup Cocktails

Drinks Menu: Image

All 50ml Gin

Rhubarb & Raspberry • 9.50

Rhubarb and raspberry gin, lemon juice,
raspberries, simple syrup, Chambord

Elderflower & Pink Grapefruit • 9.50

Elderflower and pink grapefruit gin, elderflower liqueur, Fever Tree tonic

Clementine & Tonka Bean • 9.50

Clementine and tonka bean gin, Mediterranean Fever Tree tonic, rosemary

Hendricks & Black Pepper • 9.50

Hendricks gin, Fever Tree tonic, cucumber, black pepper

English Garden • 9.50

Prosecco, gin, elderflower liqueur, cucumber

Strawberry & Lime • 9.50

Strawberry and lime gin, strawberries, fresh lime wedges, Fever Tree tonic

Blackberry & Honey • 9.50

Blackberry and honey gin, mint leaves, blackberries, Fever Tree tonic

Drinks Menu: List
coffee beans

Coffee Cocktails

Drinks Menu: Image

Espresso Martini • 9.00

This is sure to wake you up! Luksusowa vodka, Kahlua coffee liqueur, coffee and an Oreo biscuit! Delish

Choctails & Dreams • 12.00

Creamy, Nutella, Whiskey.
It really is as good as it sounds! Topped with whipped cream and toasted marshmallow, we flip up a storm! Jack Daniels, coffee liqueur, Nutella and creamed yolk. Dreams really do come true

Truffletini • 13.00

Our world beating Espresso Martini twist is a rich and complex combination of Plantation 5-star rum. Mr Black Coffee liqueur, Tonka bean syrup and coffee. All topped off with a chocolate truffle!

Café Zero • 5.00

Rich, Vanilla, Chocolate. Want a rush but aren’t keen on the booze? We got you! a double dose of coffee, a hint of vanilla syrup, coconut and spiced with chocolate bitters. Add a spike of Jagermeister Cold Brew to the Ante!

English Garden • 9.50

Prosecco, gin, elderflower liqueur, cucumber

Strawberry & Lime • 9.50

Strawberry and lime gin, strawberries, fresh lime wedges, Fever Tree tonic

Blackberry & Honey • 9.50

Blackberry and honey gin, mint leaves, blackberries, Fever Tree tonic

Drinks Menu: List
gin and lemon

Gin Serves

Drinks Menu: Image

All perfect serves are a 50ml of gin paired with fresh garnish and mixer of your choice

Beefeater • 8.50

Lemon and lime

Beefeater Pink • 9.00

Strawberries and lime

Beefeater Blood Orange • 9.00

Orange and mint

Brockmans • 9.50

Mixed berries

Hendricks • 9.50


Aviation • 9.50


Whitley Neil Raspberry • 9.00

Raspberries and lemon

Drinks Menu: List

House Wines

Drinks Menu: Image

More options on request

White Wine

175ml • 4.25
250ml • 5.10
Bottle • 15.00

Red Wine

175ml • 4.25
250ml • 5.10
Bottle • 15.00

Rose wine

175ml • 4.25
250ml • 5.10
Bottle • 15.00

Drinks Menu: List
champagne flutes

Champagne and Prosecco

Drinks Menu: Image

Taittinger Brut Reserve

By glass • 10.00
By bottle • 68.00

Veuve Clicquot

​By glass • 11.00
By bottle • 85.00

Veuve Clicquot Rose

​By glass • 11.00
By bottle • 85.00

Laurent Perrier Rose

Bottle • 135.00

Dom Perignon Vintage 2010

Bottle • 280.00


Glass • 7.50
Bottle • 30.00

Drinks Menu: List
beer pints


Drinks Menu: Image

Peroni • 4.50

Budweiser • 4.00

Corona • 4.00

Strongbow Dark Fruits • 4.00

Kopparberg variety • 4.50

BrewDog Punk IPA (draught) • 5.75

Peroni Nastro Azzuro (draught) • 5.75

Tennent's (draught) • 4.50

Coors Light • 3.25 (available in bottle or can)

Budweiser • 3.70 (available in bottle or can)

Corona • 3.75 (available in bottle or can)

Brooklyn • 4.95 (available in bottle or can)

Blue Moon • 4.90 (available in bottle or can)

Hazy Jane • 5.25 (available in bottle or can)

Drinks Menu: List
shot glasses


Drinks Menu: Image

Jager Bomb  • 4.00

Jägermeister and Red Bull

Skittle Bomb • 4.00

Cointreau & Red Bull

Baby Guinness • 3.00

Coffee liqueur & Baileys

B52 • 3.00

Coffee liqueur, Baileys & orange liqueur

Slippery Nipple • 3.00

White sambuca & Baileys

Screaming Orgasm • 3.00

Vodka, amaretto, Baileys & coffee liqueur

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Drinks Menu: Image

Fancy something to get the party started? Can’t decide? Ask a member of our team to bring out our Tarot Ball! 
Our magic 8 ball has the power to pick out your perfect partner in crime.

Crack Baby • 5.00

Vodka, passionfruit, vanilla

Bl*w J*b • 5.00

Baileys, amaretto cream

Squashed Frog • 5.00

Midori, Baileys, Grenadine

Flatliner • 5.00

Tequila, sambuca, Tabasco

F**k Up • 5.00

Green Chartreuse Rumbar Overproof

Screaming Org*sm • 3.00

Vodka, amaretto, Baileys & coffee liqueur

Drinks Menu: List
Gin in a glass


Drinks Menu: Image

Greenalls • 3.50

Bombay Sapphire • 4.00

Gin Mare • 4.00

Hendricks • 4.00

Hendricks Lunar • 4.00

Whitley Neil Gin (All flavours) • 4.00

Tanqueray • 4.00

Tanqueray Sevilla • 4.00

Brockmans • 4.00

Malfy Gin • 4.00

Silent Poole • 4.50

Tanqueray 10 • 4.50

Sipsmiths • 4.50

Sipsmiths Sloe Gin • 4.50

Sipsmiths Lemon Drizzle • 4.50

Mermaid Gin • 4.50

Mermaid Pink Gin • 4.50

Bathtub • 4.50

Warner’s Rhubarb Gin • 4.50

Warner’s Raspberry Gin • 4.50

Drinks Menu: List

White Rum/Dark Rum/Spiced Rum

Drinks Menu: Image

Bacardi Blanco • 3.50

Bacardi Oakheart Spiced Rum • 4.00

Captain Morgan • 4.00

Captain Morgan Dark Rum • 4.00

Captain Morgan Pineapple Rum • 4.00

Mount Gay Rum • 4.00

Red Leg Spiced Rum • 4.00

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum • 4.00

Kraken Spiced Rum • 4.00

Dead Mans Finger Rum (All Flavours) • 4.00

Old J Spiced Cherry Rum • 4.00

Old J Spiced Vanilla Rum • 4.00

Old J Spiced Dark Rum • 4.50

Drinks Menu: List


Drinks Menu: Image

Smirnoff • 3.50

Stolichnaya • 4.00

Ketel One Peach & Orange Blossom • 4.00

Ketel One Grapefruit & Rose • 4.00

Black Cow • 4.00

Black Cow English Strawberries • 4.00

Bison Grass Vodka • 4.00

Reyka • 4.00

JJ Whitley Raspberry • 4.00

JJ Whitley Passionfruit • 4.00

Wildcat Cherry Vodka • 4.00

Wildcat Vanilla Vodka • 4.00

AU Raspberry • 4.00

AU Fruit Punch • 4.00

AU Black Grape • 4.00

Ciroc • 4.00

Ciroc Black Raspberry • 4.50

Grey Goose • 4.50

Belvedere • 4.50

Drinks Menu: List


Drinks Menu: Image

Smirnoff • 3.50

Stolichnaya • 4.00

Ketel One Peach & Orange Blossom • 4.00

Ketel One Grapefruit & Rose • 4.00

Black Cow • 4.00

Black Cow English Strawberries • 4.00

Bison Grass Vodka • 4.00

Reyka • 4.00

JJ Whitley Raspberry • 4.00

JJ Whitley Passionfruit • 4.00

Wildcat Cherry Vodka • 4.00

Wildcat Vanilla Vodka • 4.00

AU Raspberry • 4.00

AU Fruit Punch • 4.00

AU Black Grape • 4.00

Ciroc • 4.00

Ciroc Black Raspberry • 4.50

Grey Goose • 4.50

Belvedere • 4.50

Drinks Menu: List


Drinks Menu: Image

Jack Daniels • 3.50

Jack Daniels Honey • 3.50

Jack Daniels Fire • 3.50

Jameson Irish • 3.50

Haig Club Scotch • 4.00

The Woodsman Scotch Whiskey • 4.00

Makers Mark • 4.00

Buffalo Trace • 4.00

Woodford Reserve • 4.00

Highland Park 12 • 4.50

The Singleton Single Malt • 4.50

Suntory Japanese Whiskey • 4.50

Jack Daniels Single Barrel • 5.50

Drinks Menu: List


Drinks Menu: Image

Courvoisier • 3.50

Martell • 3.50

Drinks Menu: List


Drinks Menu: Image

Malibu • 3.50

Southern Comfort • 3.50

Archers • 3.50

Chambord • 3.50

Kwai Lychee Liquor • 3.50

Jägermeister • 3.50

Disaronno • 3.50

Sambuca White • 3.50

Sambuca Black • 3.50

Drinks Menu: List

Candy Shop

Drinks Menu: Image

Carolina Candy • 8.00

Homemade marshmallow vodka is mixed with cherry Marniér, grenadine and topped with lemonade, served alongside a candy floss cloud

Jolly Rancher • 8.50

Peach schnapps meets melon liqueur, cranberry and lime to make our version of the classic American candy

Hubba Bubba Daiquiri • 8.50

NY’s secret recipe using white rum! We are sworn to secrecy but guarantee you won't be disappointed

Dip Dab Martini • 8.00

Homemade lemon sherbet vodka and strawberry liqueur shaken and topped with prosecco

Taste the Rainbow • 8.00

Absolut raspberry, cherry and citron shaken with fresh lemon juice, strawberry puree, sugar and egg white

Drinks Menu: List


Drinks Menu: Image

Zombie • 40.00

Rum, Punch, Fire.
All for rum & rum for all in this Tiki classic
loaded with Bacardi rum, Rumbar
ovenproof Maraschino cherry liqueur,
pineapple and grapefruit juices SERVES 4

We are the Champions
Prosecco • 100.00
Perrier Jouet • 150.00
Dom Perignon • 300.00

Your turn to lift the trophy? We fill ours
with a heavy dose of Luksusowa vodka,
lychee liqueur, Gabriel Boudier vassis,
vanilla and lemon. Top it off with
your choice of bubbles depending
on how much of a champion you
want to be

Drinks Menu: List


Drinks Menu: Image

Vanilla • 3.95

Strawberry • 3.95

Oreo • 4.50

Strawberry • 3.95

Peanut M&M • 4.50

Chocolate • 3.95

Disaronno • 3.50

Drinks Menu: List

Bottoms up!

Impressed with our cocktails? Come try them yourself. You can book a table for you and your pals or just drop in for that good old fashioned spontaneous night out. Give us a call today. 

07484 786120

132-134 Wharfside St, Birmingham B1 1RQ

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